About Us

A growing need is being felt for an organised resource pool for water professionals in light of wide spectrum of services, plethora of fast emerging technologies, and a deluge of largely un-organized/unauthenticated information.


To Plan, Develop and Provide a resource platform to water professionals complete with information, tools, software etc for assisting in solution building. The initiative strives to provide ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ solutions suiting the specific requirement. The mission is to provide easy, ready availability and round-the-clock accessibility of data, information, guides and comprehensive resources required for water professionals in their strive for finding techno-economic solutions.


To be an information epicenter for entire water sector, offering unquestioned value and extraordinary service to achieve mutual success and growth for entire water professional community.


Our offerings include a vast knowledge base, project information, online solutions, related media, spreadsheets etc.


We are an experienced & dedicated team of water professionals with exposure to planning, development, erection and post-erection of water sector projects. Our team has deep understanding of expectations of water community for its professional requirements and is striving to fulfill this by providing necessary tools & gadgets based on its vast combined experience

Community Effort

We plan to develop this resource center through community effort. We are making efforts to bring together water professional across geographies & service sectors. A forum for exchange of ideas, information among community is in the offing at jsWater.