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Flumes are shaped, open-channel flow sections in which flow is accelerated by converging the sidewalls, raising the bottom, or a combination of both. When only the bottom is raised with no side contractions, the flume is commonly called a broad-crested weir. When the downstream depth is shallow and enough convergence exists between the upstream and read more

LOOP Software

LOOP software for hydraulic modelling of pressurised looped networks for water supply distribution. The software was written in an attempt to help developing countries to plan and design water distribution systems that are better suited to their needs. The development was supported financially by the World Bank and the UNDP Inter-regional Project. LOOP 4.0 can read more

Pipe Headloss : Colebrook White

Pipe Headloss : Colebrook White Formula Formula The Darcy Weisbach Equation for calculating the pipe losses is as below; In the Darcy–Weisbach Equation, the friction factor f  can be calculated from the equation of Colebrook–White.  where k is the absolute roughness of the pipe wall (mm), D the inner diameter of the pipe (mm) and read more