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An environmentally friendly form of landscaping that uses a variety of indigenous and drought-tolerant plants shrubs and ground cover.


Lands where water saturation is the dominant factor in determining the nature of soil development and the types of plant and animal communities. Other common names for wetlands are sloughs ponds and marshes.

Wellhead protection area

A protected surface and subsurface zone surrounding a well or well field supplying a public water system to keep contaminants from reaching the well water.

Well injection

The subsurface emplacement of “fluids” through a bored drilled or driven “well” or through a dug well where the depth of the dug well is greater than the largest surface dimension

Well siting

Location of a well placed to best protect water quality access adequate water quantity and allow for inspection and maintenance of the well.

Well closure

The process of sealing a well that is no longer being used to prevent groundwater contamination and harm to people and animals.


The land area from which surface runoff drains into a stream channel lake reservoir or other body of water; also called a drainage basin.


A bored drilled or driven shaft or a dug hole whose depth is greater than the largest surface dimension