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Glossarywwtreatment | jsWater.in


Wet air oxidation

a process that treats waste water containing high strength or hazardous organic chemicals by a combination of high temperature and pressure that creates highly reactive hydroxyl radical

Waste minimisation

the analysis and revision of the use of materials, processes, equipment and procedures in order to reduce the unnecessary use of energy and resources, to reduce the generation of effluents and wastes and to recycle where practical

Venturi aerator

a submerged jet aeration device in which the liquid to be aerated is pumped through a nozzle within a larger diameter tube, causing air entrainment and vigorous liquid mixing

Venturi scrubber

a device that removes submicron particles and reactive trace gases from gas streams by passing the gas at high velocity through the scrubbing liquor ensuring vigorous mixing

UV ozone

a powerful wastewater treatment process employing ozone in solution and ultraviolet light; oxidises COD and toxic substances, removes colour and disinfects

Ultrapure water

water from which most other materials have been removed, producing a resistivity of at least 18 M-cm, and making it sufficiently pure for the most exacting microelectronic, pharmaceutical and medical uses

Trickling filter

a bed of gravel or pebble media through which clarified effluent percolates and microbial activity removes BOD, suspended solids and ammoniacal nitrogen