Domestic Waste Water Characteristics

Typical domestic wastewater characteristics are as provided below;
Range of Values contributed in waste (g/capita-day)
Biological Oxygen Demand, 5 Days, 200C45-54
Chemical Oxygen Demand1.6-1.9 x BOD5
Total Organic Carbon0.6-1.0 x BOD5
Total Solids170-220
Suspended Solids70-145
Grit5 - 15
Grease10 - 30
Chlorides4 - 8
Total nitrogen N6 - 12
Organic Nitrogen0.4 x total N
Free Ammonia0.6 x total N
Nitrate0.0-0.5 total N
Total Phosphorus, P0.6-4.5
Organic Phosphorus0.3 x total P
Inorganic (ortho and polyphosphates)0.7 x total P
Microorganisms present in wastewater(per 100 ml wastewater)
Total Bacteria10E9 -– 10E10
Coliforms10E9 -– 10E10
Fecal Streptococci10E5 –- 10E6
Salmonella typhosa10E1 -– 10E4
Protozoan cystsUpto 10E3
Helminthic eggsUpto 10E3
Virus (plaque forming units)10E2 -– 10E4