Indian Standard for effluent discharge

Indian Standard for effluent discharge
Inland Surface waterPublic sewerLand for IrrigationMarine coastal areas
1Colour and OdourSee footnoteSee footnoteSee footnote
2Suspended solids mg/l, Max100600200(a)     for process water – 100(b)     For cooling water effluent- 10 % above total suspended matter of influent
3Particle size of suspended solidsShall pass 850 micron IS sieve(a)     floatable solids, solid max – 3 mm(b)     setteleable solids, max – 856 micron
4pH value5.5-9.05.5-9.05.5-9.05.5-9.0
5TempratureShall not exceed 5 deg C above the receiving water tempretureShall not exceed 5 deg C above the receiving water tempreture
6Oil & Grease mg/l Max10201020
7Total residual chlorine mg/l Max11
8Ammoniacal Nitrogen as (N) mg/l Max505050
9Total kjeldahl Nitrogen (as N) mg/l Max100100
10Free Ammonia (as NH3) mg/l Max55
11Biochemical oxygen Demand ( 5 days at 200C) mg/l Max30350100100
12Chemical oxygen demand mg/l Max250250
13Arsenic (as As) mg/l Max0.
14Mercuty (as Hg) mg/l Max0.
15Lead (As Pb) mg/l Max0.10.12
16Cadmium (as Cd) mg/l Max212
17Hexavalent Chromium (As Cr+6) mg/l Max0.121
18Total Cromium (as Cr) mg/l Max222
19Copper (as Cu) mg/l Max333
20Zinc (as Zn) mg/l Max51515
21Selenium (as Se) mg/l Max0.050.050.05
22Nickel (as Ni) mg/l Max335
23Cyanide (as Cn) mg/l Max0.220.20.2
24Fluoride (as F) mg/l Max21515
25Dissolved Phosphates (as P) mg/l Max5
26Sulphide (as S) mg/l Max25
27Phenolic compounds (as C6H5­OH) mg/l Max155
28Radioactive material
(a)     Alpha emitters micro-curie mg/l Max 7-Oct7-Oct8-Oct7-Oct
(b)     Beta emitters micro-curie mg/l Max 6-Oct6-Oct7-Oct6-Oct
29Bio Assay Test after 96 hours in 100 % effluent90% survival of fish90% survival of fish90% survival of fish90% survival of fish
30Mangnese (as Mn) mg/l2222
31Iron (as Fe) mg/l3333
32Vanadium (as V) mg/l0.20.20.2
33Nitrate Nitrogen mg/l1020