Network modelling program – “LOOP” is a DOS based program, which do not runs by itself in Window 7. To run DOS program in Window 7, we need a DOS Emulator. An open source DOS emulator is DOSBOX which can be downloaded free from Step by Step procedure for running “LOOP” in window 7 is as below;

  • Download the emulator DOSBOX and install it in directory c:\dosbox.
  • We have LOOP program installed in directory C:\loop.
  • Run the DOSBOX program
  • At prompt of DOSBOX program (Z:\>), mount your loop folder as follows;
    • Z:\>MOUNT C C:\LOOP
  • Drive C mounted as local directory C:\LOOP\
  • After this done, we will be prompted with a Z:\>
  • Navigate to newly mounted drive as follows;
    • Z:\>C:
    • C:\>
  • Now we are ready to run the LOOP program
    • C:\>loop

For detailed instruction, you can refer to DOSBOX documentation. LOOP program is available on our “freebies” Page.