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Ground Water | jsWater.in

Ground Water

Ground Water Flow : Pressure Well

Ground Water Flow: Pressure Well Formula The Ground water flow in pressure well in equilibrium conditions is as follows: The discharge formula in pressure well is as given below; Where, Q = Discharge in cubic meter per day, k = Permeability meter/day, m = Depth of confined aquifer in meters, H = Depth of water read more

Tubewell Design

Tubewell Design The tubewell design includes following factors Upper Well Casing The length of the upper casing is controlled by the requirements of the pump. The pump usually needs to remain submerged, with the minimum submergence recommended by the manufacturer. The “operating” water level in the well can be calculated as the distance below ground level read more

Ground Water Hydraulics

Ground Water Hydraulics Pore space can vary tremendously depending on the rock or sediments that make up the subsurface. The size, shape, regularity, and continuity of the pore space will determine how much water can be extracted or stored in the subsurface, how fast water can move through the pore space, and how contaminants are distributed within the subsurface. Porosity The porosity read more

Ground Water

Groundwater Water is in constant flux and follows a complex hydrologic cycle. Evapotranspiration from land and evaporation from the ocean contribute to atmospheric moisture, which returns to the land in the form of rain and snow (precipitation). Snow accumulates in a winter snow pack, in glaciers, and on arctic ice-caps. Rainfall creates infiltration into the soil, as well as runoff into creeks, read more

Tubewell Siting

Tubewell Siting Wells should be carefully sited so that drilling only occurs where there is a high probability of successfully penetrating into water-bearing formations and the wells can be effectively used, maintained, and protected from contamination. While every borehole will not result in a good well, advanced planning with the community will maximize the number of successful read more