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Pipe Headloss : Colebrook White

Pipe Headloss : Colebrook White Formula Formula The Darcy Weisbach Equation for calculating the pipe losses is as below; In the Darcy–Weisbach Equation, the friction factor f  can be calculated from the equation of Colebrook–White.  where k is the absolute roughness of the pipe wall (mm), D the inner diameter of the pipe (mm) and read more

RCC Structures for pipelines

Providing good quality and quantity of water is duty of any state so is a measure of level of development of it’s people. Modern states are engaged in planning and executing water projects on large scales. Lengths of pipelines are running in hundreds of kilo meters and diameter of pipes in excess of a few read more

Ductile Iron Pipe Data

Ductile Iron Pipe Data As per IS8329:2000, Hydrostatic Site Test pressure and working pressure for ductile iron pipes is as follows; Dimensiond of Spigot & Socket Ductile Iron Pipes are as follows;